Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A proposal on Comic Sans (part 1)

For years now I've been listening to this Comic Sans-abuse coming from the most polite, non-elitist designers. Typographers from all over the world lose sleep, wake up in pools of sweat and angrily curse the malevolent designer that has devised the magazine, poster —my God— even Book using the wretched font. Hate-campaigns like bancomicsans.com call out shamelessly to the masses to delete the typeface from hard drives, as if it were a virus or a sordid porno.

Meanwhile on the other side of the spectrum, some saintly pc-user on a word processor means no harm to society when he goes for the funny font on four-hundred pages of textbook. He or she will call it youtful or fresh. Or better still: welcoming; as a proof that graphic design truly works: to welcome a slothful reader into the rich realms of text, meaning and culture!

I have no intention to blow up this argument. I am no fan of the Microsoft Corporation, but I cannot deny their introduction of Comic was a direct hit. Populist as I am, I feel urged to approach the masses. There obviously is a popular need for a Typeface 'like' Comic Sans. — So instead of denying the public their favourite weakness, why do we not turn it into a strength?

Because, obviously, I care for graphic design and graphic designers. A world without insomniac typographers is a better world. — Let us improve Comic Sans!


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