Thursday, May 25, 2006

Workloads, workloads,...

I'm not just a crazy typographer spending too much time on Comic Sans. — In fact, and this is a school project of mine, I'm working on a six-minute animation right now. As I still try and entertain myself with some kind of social life, this has offically classified me amongst those who never sleep. Or at least those who go to bed at six in the morning and get up way too early.

And things get worse. I decided to take up this blog, just so as those remaining empty minutes of the day are filled with writing long journals to people I have never met.

Anyway — about this animation thing. It's a six-minute monologue by Ivor Gurney, a first world war poet and composer that lost his sanity and died in an asylum in 1937. I'm trying to construct a mental biography of the man with his poem 'Of Death.' It's pretty disturbing and impenetrable material, making the whole project very personal.
It's quite the opposite of my Comic Sans thing, so I thought it would make a nice change to put on the blog.

I'm sure I'll find a way to put it in an online portfolio at some point, so you can all take a look.


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