Friday, May 26, 2006

A proposal on Comic Sans (making a font)

I love this blog. – In any other case I would have given up on this project. This journal keeps the experiment together. Anyway, here's the next step.

I decided to get to work on this. One crucial set of letters I hadn't touched yet were the b, d, p and q. Before I had slightly increased the x-height, so as to open up the shapes, which resulted in the cute shapes below.

Having introduced the 70s flared trousers look on the lowercase n, I felt they had to have the same playful feel. The ascenders and descenders bend slightly inwards. This causes a distortion in the counter shapes. That in itself is no problem, it refers to the lowercase a.
I say cute, that doesn't mean I agree with them. They seem to be darker (denser), which could make their interaction with the other characters difficult. Another thing I'm worried about is their static look. If you look at the 'de' combination, the two letters have trouble interacting as the e seems much more dynamic.

I can only be sure of these two problems when I have enough characters to set a paragraph of text. It really depends on how quirky I want to make the font. So I will definitly have to decide between very different versions.


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