Saturday, July 01, 2006

Nearly one month

I'm slowly returning to a frame of mind in which I can send new posts, think of what I was doing, touch those font glyphs. Forgive me for this incoherent post, I've tons of stuff to say and do.

The official working title of my Comic thing is now "Compromise Sans". As for taking it seriously, I still have no intention of doing so. But allow me to pretend I am, it keeps the clicking and dragging in rhythm. Expect updates soon.

I'm posting the Of Death short animation above. There's been some delays with the Quicktime embedding. I think I got the hang of it now, let me know if it's playing okay. And it's be great let me know what you think...

And more. Here is some online work of finishing graphic design students at my art school, Sint-Lukas Brussels. Bieke Olemans, Moenen Erbuer, Lander Janssens. Take a look and make them famous...


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